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DATE OF BIRTH: 02-06-1990

Judith is a Spanish teenager who was born in Avilés, a small town in the north of Spain near the Cantábrico Sea. She is eighteen, she’s 1,74cm tall and she has long dark hair and brown eyes. Judith is a friendly person who really likes to go out with her friends at weekends but she recognizes, she is lazy too, since she forgets to do her homework so many times.

She lives in a peaceful village out of Avilés, it is called Molleda. It has got only a few neighbours so there aren’t any problems with noises, pollution or things like that, related with cities. There are big fields and gardens there as well, a long distance between the different detached houses. It’s really good if you have had problems with your last neighbours, as Judith’s parents had when they lived in a flat in Avilés. That was why the family decided to move to another place instead of staying in the same town where they had all been born. Now, Judith considers Molleda as her hometown because she has been living there for twelve years. She also thinks that it’s the most beautiful place in summer because of the close relationship between her village and the environment, she says it’s like a “natural paradise”.

When she talks about her family she is relly pleased. She has a big family: her mother, her father, her broher and a lot of uncles and aunts because her father has got four brothers and her mother has got six brothers and sisters but obviously she hasn’t got children, she says she is too young. However, in this big family there are very different types of relationships; she really gets on well with her cousin Marta but she has a lot of arguments with her brother because he is always in her bedroom and he takes her things. In spite of this, she thinks they are a close-knit family and she really likes spending part of her freetime with them (singing at Christmas or on a birthday, having dinner all together at a restaurant …)

Finally, she has just started at university this year. She is studying nursing really hard, almost thirty-six hours a week, however she would prefer medicine because she likes helping people, but she didn’t get enough marks to do that. She wants to finish her degree but she wants to study more things, so she isn’t really sure about her future job.

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