viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Jorge Braña, by himself

My name is Jorge Braña, I am nineteen years old and I am a student of History at the University of Oviedo. History has been my passion since I was a child, especially after having seen lots of films about the Roman Empire. I am really proud of what I am studying in spite of the fact that people tend to tell me that I should have started another career with more possibilities to get a job in the future.
As well as this “special” hobby as it is History, I enjoy doing the typical things for a young person. I like travelling as much as my savings allow me. For instance in the last few years I visited London, Rome and Paris and the next year I would like to study abroad with an Erasmus scholarship, maybe in Besaçon so that I could improve my French.
I really like music too. Although I cannot play any instrument and I am unable to sing without being compared with a cat I usually spend hours listening to music (especially indie rock bands as Hard-Fi and Razorlight or punk pop bands as McFly or Simple Plan) or trying to discover some new artists while I surf the net.
In addition, I’m mad about books, mostly, historical novels or biographies. However, I should admit that I never refuse to reading a book it does not matter the author, the century or the genre. The only thing that I usually take into account is the price, that’s why I enjoy buying second hand books in markets.
Nevertheless, with that description it seems that I am the typical guy that lives shut away in his room, which is not true because I love having parties with my friends and going to the cinema and theatre.

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Lyra dijo...

Markets with second hand books are incredible, 'cos you can find books you've never heard of!
And, c'mon, History Rules. It's always the same: if we all study engineer, then we won't have a job either.

Cafe Literarte dijo...

I am also Jorge Braña!
But I am 54 years old, was born in Santiago, Chile, living now in Austin, Texas. My grandfather, Ernesto Braña, was from Oviedo! My favorite subjects in school always were Math and History, I just love History, though I think most teachers are no good. My current passion is literature, though I do not earn my living with it (unfortunately). Some of my writings can be found at
What else? I like many kinds of music, though I also sing like a cat. I have 6 kids (3 grown, 3 still growing) and two grandchildren, I've lived in several countries, I speak 5 languages, my current dream is to move to Barcelona one day. Pablo Neruda once said: "Soy omnivoro de sentimientos, de seres, de libros, de acontecimientos y batallas. Me comeria toda la tierra, me beberia todo el mar".