viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Antonio, by Lyra

Antonio (who is usually called ‘Antoin’ by his friends) is 38 years old. He is a hard-working and shy person who has lived in Avilés all his life, which is the third most important town in Asturias, in the North of Spain. But now he has just moved to Pravia (in Asturias too), where he has bought a house. He lives on his own and he is single. However, he would like to get married and have children. He gets on really well with his family and they usually have lunch together on Sundays, and so they help him to fix the house properly. Obviously, they are a close-knit family.
He works as an operator in a metal factory. He did vocational training to be a technical engineer, so he is working hard to get a promotion and use his studies more, which are very important to him. Even though it is a good job and he has great colleagues there, it is not his dream job because it is boring and he works in shifts, something which is tiring. He is the only one in his family who does that job. He is studying English because it is necessary in the present world, but he does not like it.
Although he loves travelling, it is complicated for him because of the shifts at work: he prefers travelling with friends, instead of going alone, but the timetables are impossible to fit. He is positive about that because he knows it is easier to travel nowadays than in the past (with the Euro and the European Union) and in the future maybe his situation will be better to travel. He has never been to an English speaking country.
One of his hobbies is surfing the Internet. He discovered the Net last year and at the moment he is downloading all kinds of films all the time, which is another of his hobbies. He has a collection of nearly two hundred films and his favorite type of films is romantic ones, especially ‘When Harry met Sally’. He always watches them in Spanish. On the other hand, he often listens to all kinds of music, no matter if they are in English, 80’s music and classical music in particular

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