viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

José Luis Álvarez, by Carmen García, 2NAH

José Luis Álvarez is in his thirties, he lives in the north of Spain, in a small and industrial village called Avilés with the people who have brought him up, his parents. He is an only child. Nowadays he is looking for a job as a computer technician, although he hates it. Before studying Information Technology, he started Geology and then Nursing; however what he really likes is Art.
In spite of loving animals, he hasn’t got a pet at the moment, though he is used to having dogs. In addition, He doesn’t like things that people, who are in their thirties, usually love, so José Luis is considered a strange person by his family .
On the one hand, he is completely obsessed with arts, above all, 18thcentury, he loves pictures and architecture, so I think he is very mature.
On the other hand he is mad about old and French music, especially he looks up to Vallerie Masterson, who is an opera singer and Lully, a French composer.
What is more, he is interested in sports; tennis and formula one are some of them, despite the fact that he doesn’t practice any of them.
He also loves travelling. If he decided to change his life, he would move to San Petersbourgh.
Finally, the most important thing to him in defining who he is are his ideas, his hobbies and the way he behaves. He seems an amazing person!

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