sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Sandra, by Zoraida Díez (2NAH)

I am going to introduce you to a very nice person. Her name is Sandra Jimeno and she is a student of English at the EOI Avilés. She is very young, she is only seventeen years old, but she is in her last year at the EOI and this month, one week ago, she started her degree at the University in Gijón, a city near Avilés, the place where she lives.

A degree in computer programming that in the future she hopes, when she finishes in three years, will help her find a good job easily. She has loved computers since she was a child, that’s why she decided, long time ago, to study this subject.

On the other hand, like most of young people, she likes going out with friends, listening to music, mainly English music, she hates rock music, and she loves travelling with her family.

She travels a lot with her parents. When she was younger she enjoyed in these journeys a lot, but now it is not the same, she has grown up, and, sometimes she feels alone and bored. It is in these situations when she misses a lot not having had any sisters or brothers.

She has always lived in Avilés, and she likes her city, she loves the old town of Avilés, a place with a lot of buildings full of history, but in the future, when she finishes her degree she would like to live somewhere else, a bigger and more lively city than Avilés. She thinks Madrid would be a good choice to find a proper job, but she knows that if in the future she lives somewhere else, she will never forget her origins, something so important in the development of a person’s personality.

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