viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

MARCOS, by Paloma González, 2NAE

Marcos is in his mid teens. He is from Pravia, a small city in the middle of Asturias. He loves his city, he says that Pravia is wonderful. On one hand you have the advantages of living in the city: you have everything at hand, the shops, the cinemas, the cafes,… so you don’t need to go everywhere by car. On the other hand, the buildings are not too high; there is a low level of noise and stress; and of course, you can know everyone, if not directly, through a common friend or a relative.
Talking about his family, his situation is a bit odd. They are nine people living in the same house all together. And of course, it is a fact that some people could think it is usual but I think it is unusual here. Taking that into acount everybody could understand that he prefers to spend his free time alone at home, just listening to music, reading, … or simply relaxing. Apart from that, he also likes playing different sports: tennis, volley, skiing,.. but he hates basketball, and it is a funny fact, because when he meets someone, the first question is: You play basketball, don’t you?
At this moment he is at high school but that doesn’t mean he has no idea of what he wants to do in the future. He wants to study Arquitecture, not in Coruña (it is a city that is 3,5 hours away by car) but in Madrid (the capital of Spain, about 5 hours away by car). He would like to be a famous arquitect known all over Europe. That means a big change in his life, he will change from living in a “big village” without too much noise and stress, to live in the capital, with its big buildings, traffic jams, noises, stress,…
But in fact, the main problem for him would be the buildings themselves. He doesn’t like living in the “big buildings”, those ones that are more than two o three storeys high. So, what will he do when he has to live in Madrid, Paris or maybe London?

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