viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

Halloween Paella, by Carmen Jiménez, 2NAE

Haloween paella:


-Small wine gums Vegetables:
-1 kilo of mussels 1 tomato
-1/2 kilo of shells 1 onion
-1/2 kilo of squid Garlic
-1/2 kilo of rice 1 green pepper

First of all, go to a candy shop and choose the wine gums, they must be shaped like a witch, a pumpkin, a skeleton, a ghost…
Once in the kitchen, clean the mussels and clean and wash the squids.
Heat the water in a sauce pan and add the mussels till they open.
Do the same with the shellfish and keep the water.
Take the mussels and the shellfish out of the shells.
Grill the squid bodies till they cool down a bit before hiding a wine gum inside each of them. After that stick a toothpick in each squid twice so that the wine gum doesn’t go out.
Fill each shell with a wine gum and tie them with a special cooking string.
Now the boring part of the task, prepare the paella in the traditional way, with the mussels, the shellfish, the other parts of the squid, the water you have kept, starting, of course, with stir- fried vegetables.
Serve the paella and decorate the plates with the filled shells and squids.

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