viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Marisa, by Beatriz Méndez, 2NAH

This is Marisa’s profile, a woman from Asturias, in northern Spain, whom I met last week, and I considered interesting for everyone to know about her because her life has some peculiar aspects.

She was born in Llanera, a village near Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, and she lived there for many years till she movedto Aviles, near the coast, for working reasons.
Her parents live there, in Llanera, in a house where Marisa always loves to come back because she prefers the countryside to the city. Llanera is a good place to rest, visit friends, walk with her dogs and forget the stressful life she has in Avilés.

She studied Economics and then she was working in a factory, but it closed down, so then she decided to sit for an exam to become a Civil Servant and now she is working at the Court in Avilés. She lives in a flat; her brother, who works at a hospital, lives upstairs and now she happier living here, but at the beginning it was hard.

When she has time, she loves to travel, she has been to many places like Egypt, Tunes, Turkey, and during the week she usually goes to the gym, sometimes to the cinema and she loves oversleeping at weekends.
She is single, but one day she hopes to have a baby, perhaps a family, but in the future, because now she is happy living alone, having time to read, listening to music bands like U2, her favourite one, and going out with her friends.

She is studying English as a hobby. She doesn’t need it to work, but when she travels it is very useful because her friends have no idea about this language, and Marisa enjoys it when she has the opportunity to speak English abroad.

Marisa is a very optimistic person, she always has a positive attitude towards life and sometimes she has read self-help books, it’s funny and sometimes they can help, that’s what she thinks. I hope she gets her life going on in a good way, she is a charming girl.

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