jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008

Esther, by Ana Iglesias Díaz, Advanced Level, 2nd Year, Group E

Esther is one of my new partners at the school this year. In order to tell you what she is like I am going to write a profile about her family, her job, home town or how she likes spending her free time.

Esther is forty two years old. She lives in a small town in the north of Spain called Avilés but she was born in Zamora by chance. Her parents were on holidays and suddenly she decided to come to this world. She is married with Antonio and they have three children. Javier, the oldest one, is sixteen years old, then Patricia, fourteen years old, and Lucia, thirteen years old. They all live together in a big flat in the center of the village with Zoco, her Yorkshire terrier dog, for eight years. It is the family’s pet. Antonio and Esther were living in Salamanca for three years when they got married. Antonio is a journalist and due to working matters they had to move to this wonderful town in the center of Spain. Once a year they usually go to visit their friends.
They are a close-knit family. They usually go out together for a walk in the mountains. Especially in the summer, they like to spend their holidays together. This summer they were in Mexico. Esther’s grandfather lived there for ten years. He got married to a Spanish woman. After five years they decided to come back to Spain. They have two children, a boy and Esther, the girl.

Nowadays, Esther is not working but she is sitting for her civil servant exams to become a teacher. However, she worked at several private all girls schools but she really likes to teach at a public school. Actually, being a teacher is kind of a family trade. Her mother and grandmother were teachers too and her daughter Patricia would like to follow her mother’s footsteps. She feels really proud of carrying on the family tradition. She really loves teaching. Her job is quite an important part of her life. When she is teaching she forgets all her problems and responsibilities. Her pupils are between three and five years old. She really enjoys the innocence of children, how they try to imitate the old people without expecting anything else. The worst thing is that she realizes that the parents don’t work with their children. She means that parents don’t bring up their children at home. They only play with them. She thinks that education should be carried out by both sides, not only by the school.

The most important things for Esther in defining who she is are her town and her family. From her point of view, your origins, where and how you are born and bred are those things that mark you for the rest of your life and make you grow as person.

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