jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008

CARMEN LUZ IGLESIAS, by herself (Advanced level, 2nd Year, Group E)

Well, first I’m going to start describing the town where I was born, so perhaps you’ll better understand why I think the place you are from is very important to describe your own personality. I’m from Madrid, one of the biggest cities in Europe. If you ask a foreign person about it, perhaps he or she will tell you about the typical topic regarding bulls or polka-dot dresses, but Madrid is more, it is more you can imagine if you have never walked along its streets , read in its libraries, talked with its people or visited its museums. This Spanish’s city has a lot of different types of people from all over the world. This makes Madrid a multicultural place where you can learn to respect another religions or traditions and be a progressive open minded person.
Now, I don’t live there any longer, but I hope to to go to Madrid the soonest I can, perhaps to finish my studies. Even now I don’t live there, I usually go every month, because my sister has just come and now she lives in that city with the rest of our family, so I visit them every moment I can.
My family has lived some really important moments of Spanish history in Madrid, although now we have moved to different places even out of Spain, but we still love to gather there to spend some days together and remember old moments we lived in our city.
Madrid is a city with millions of nice places, so I can’t choose only one. If you visit Madrid for the first time, you must visit the most famous places, like the big park, “El Retiro” or the museum “El Prado” or the royal palace, but if you really want to know Madrid and its real essence and spirit you must go through the old districts, travel by underground, buy in the flea market, talk with retired people in the parks, dance with young people at the most modern discos and listen to a blues or a rock concert in a nice little alternative coffee. These are the things with which you can really know Madrid.

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