viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

CRISTINA, by David Álvarez, Advanced level, 2nd Year, Group E

Cristina has lived in Avilés since she was born, seventeen years ago. Nowadays she is finishing her secondary studies, and after this she wants to study Translation and Interpreting in Valladolid, because she loves learning languages.
Avilés is a city placed in Asturias, which is in the North of Spain. It has a population of over eighthy thousand inhabitants, and its economy is based on steel industry, though its harbor is very important too.
Although Cristina and her brother Jordán, who is twenty seven, were both born in Avilés, not all her family are from there; for example their father was born in León, which is a region situated more southern than Asturias and her mother is from Pola de Lena, a small village in the South of Asturias. her grandparents, however, are, from Palencia, another region of Spain, and from Cenera, another small village in Asturias.
She usually goes to visit her grandfather to Palencia every summer, but she´d often like to go abroad, because she has only travelled out of Spain twice, and both of them to Paris. She´d especially like to know London and Greece, and ouf of Europe, she´d like to visit USA and South America too. One of her hobbies is, of course, languages, but she also likes listening to music, she has not any preferences, she likes all kinds of music

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